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Ever-changing Technology

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Ever-changing Technology

From Wikitechbook--the student-developed, technology textbook


Budget Challenges


It is most teachers' desire to stay up-to-date with the latest technology in his or her classroom. However, there are immediate problems that educators encounter with this fantasy. Most challenges are related to his or her established budget. One great way to help get financial assistance to buy technology for your school/classroom is to write a grant. A grant is money given to an organization (such as a school) by the government that is for a specific purpose. For example, you may choose to write a grant to obtain computers for your classroom or PDAs for each student to use. To get a grant, an educator must write a grant proposal. Here are several websites that have examples of grant proposals written and tips for writing effective and successful grant proposals:



What's New?


As we all are aware, technology is constantly changing.  Technological devices are always being updated, improved, made faster and smaller, etc. Powerpoint is no longer the newest thing concerning technology in education. Yes, it is still being used, but the means for using it are continuing to expand.  Now, one of the newest forms of media used in the classroom is SMART Board and the programs that run with it including SMART Notebook and SMART Ideas. This exciting new form of interactive technology can be incorporated into every school subject. Teachers Love SMART Boards is a teacher developed site to discuss and post various articles about SMART Board. Below is a slideshow of the SMART Board being used in various ways within a classroom:



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Keeping up with Technology


There are a variety of ways we suggest you use to stay up to date with the latest technology that is constantly being released. First of all, seminars and conferences are held across the nation that help educators become informed about new technology. Also, we suggest seeking out the wisdom of other educators and professionals through blogs, online journals, and various other internet resources. One blog in particular is titled Technology in Education and is very insightful concerning new types of technology that is available. One particular website that has a variety of ideas from teachers regarding how to incorporate technology in the classroom is TeachersNetwork.org. This site has many helpful articles about how to select software, lesson plan ideas utilizing technology, how to go "paperless" in the classroom as well as some ideas on how to find affordable ways to get computers for your classroom. Furthermore, many school districts have technology specialists who are employed strictly to help educators become familiar and stay current with what is new in the world of technology. There are so many possible resources that exist for help in this area. Don't let all these valuable resources go to waste.





Related Resources


  • New types of technology being released (see Powerpoint from this link)



Quiz-yourself Questions


     1) A Grant is:(a) when your principal gives you the right to use new technology

                        (b) an award for being an excellent technology teacher

                             (c) when the government gives a school money for a specific purpose

                        (d) the newest software program for elementary schools


     2) One way to stay up with Technology:(a) Facebook

                                                              (b) myspace

                                                              (c) Blogs

                                                              (d) google




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