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Grading Criteria for Wikis:

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Grading Criteria for Wikies


From Wikitechbook--the student-developed, technology textbook


Step 1: Wiki editing and team planning


  • Meet with your team and make formatting, wording, and content changes to existing assigned pages. 


  • Check all the current links to determine if they work or if they are effective, up-to-date links that contribute to the subject.  Remove links you feel do not add to the content effectively.
  • If there is no previous work done, develop a page and a collaborative beginning paragraph based on several good resources.
  • Be sure to document any references used to make content changes. 
  • With your team, develop a typed plan of action for what you feel you need to contribute to our Wikitechbook.  Make sure that the plan includes each person in the wiki writing team.  On PBwiki, two people can't edit the same page at the same time. To avoid not being able to edit your page create a page for each team member where you can save all the stuff you find. 


  • Make your individual pages.


  • Turn in stapled together:
    • A hard copy of changes you made to existing pages and highlight what changes you made. 
    • A copy of your proposed plan:


Step 2: Individual Wiki Development


  • Each person is to keep a log of your work with dates accomplished.  (Make sure that I understand what you did.  Type in the box under goal so that I know exactly what you do or what your link is.  I will verify your work with the wiki history.)



    Name: ________________________

    Document the goals below

    Date Accomplished

    Contribute 75 words for a new page (Site all references and internet sites used as you find them.)

    Make a link to an article and a blog within your writing.  
    Contribute one appropriate multiple choice or true/false question covering your particular content.  
    Link to an additional interesting site or picture to enhance the content.  
    Add a picture, plugin, google gadget to make the pages more interesting.  


Step 3: Wiki editing and team planning


  • Edit all formatting and writing of your team members.  Make sure to make your page like the template and remember to include your self-test question.  Include this in you log as well. See sample log.
    With your team, plan a 5 minute team presentation of the most important concepts you have learned and select one of your video clips or interesting feature you have added.
  • Compile your personal log, including what you personally did for step 2 and step 3.  Print log and turn in all logs as a group


Step 4: Team presentation


  • Present to the class (Discuss your content and show one interesting clip or site.)


Grading criteria for Wiki contribution



Each step of the Wiki is On-time

Neat Effective Professional

Includes all requirements,

per person

Linked to website




Less than 3 errors




Each step of the wiki and log showing editing, searching, and writing

-clarity of writing consistent voice and formatting

-75 words, link video, blog, wiki new page, & website, log of time, test question, plugin or gadget














Rubric for final grade for wiki project


  • Exemplary work: highly creative, novel, skillful, clear communication, reasoning based on solid understanding, a model I would share
  • Good work: competent understanding and thoroughness except with occasional lapses and unclear reasoning or insufficient evidence
  • Needs improvement: shows some evidence of understanding, not thorough, frequent lapses in clarity, misconceptions, or item missing
  • Seriously lacking: Missing multiple items or not following directions, excessive spelling errors and lack of professional appeal
  • Not evident: is work that shows no attempt orrely re-copying of information




Exemplary: 40-36


Good Work: 35-32


Needs Improvement: 31-28 

Seriously Lacks: 27-24

Not Evident


All components complete, on time, all links work, no excessive errors or unattractive or non-working cells.

All components complete, most links work, and no excessive errors or problem cells

Some parts incomplete, problems with several links, or several pages with spelling problems


Many components lacking, major problems with excessive errors or cells

Website unfinished or will not open





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