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How is hypermedia beneficial in education

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How is Hypermedia Beneficial in Education?

 From Wikitechbook--the student-developed, technology textbook




The use of hypermedia in the classroom allows for educators to address the various needs of the students.  Through hypermedia, educators are able to link different forms of media into their lessons.  They can hyperlink the media and, when ready, can use it to further teach the students.  Hypermedia is beneficial because students who are auditory learners can hear the lesson, but video can be linked into the lesson for enhancement as a benefit for a visual learner.  Hypermedia, because it is available in so many forms, is beneficial to all learning abilities of students.




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Quiz-yourself Questions

  1.   True/False:  A video is a form of hypermedia that can easily be used in a classroom.
  2.   Which of these is NOT a form of hypermedia?  (a) video  (b) audio  (c) pencil/paper  (d) blogs


Answers to Quiz

  1. True
  2. c


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