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I-Pods in the Classroom

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Schools are always struggling with students over use of iPods or iPhones in the classroom. It is time for schools to take advantage of the students iPods and use them for educational purposes. Modern students are members of the digital generation and learn better and enjoy using technology in their everyday lives. There are several ways educators can use iPods to their advantage in class:


  • Notes: iPods have software that the teacher can upload documents to the web or other mobile device that the student can access. The student can then download then information to their iPod and would have the class notes with them at all times.
  • Quizzes: iQuiz is software developed by Apple for the iPod that allows a teacher to create timed review quizzes for their student. A teacher can then have the student send them the results so that the teacher can keep track of how the class is performing.
  • Audiobooks: Teachers can make their own or use prepared audiobooks that the student can put on their iPod. This would allow a student a voice to read along with or a way for them to keep up with class reading at a time when they may not have their book.


Here is a video explaining several of the uses mentioned above:


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