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Pod Casting

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From Wikitechbook--the student-developed, technology textbook


Podcasts are defined as “audio or video files that are automatically delivered over a network, then played back on any Mac, PC, or iPod." This emerging technology allows students to learn material in new ways and learn technological communication skills simultaneously. Podcasting is a great tool for students to use in assignments because they can use features like movie clips, recordings and pictures for projects.


Teachers can also use this tool to deliver content to their classes. For example, a teacher can create a foreign language lesson that the students can revisit outside of class. Educators and administrators can even use podcasts as professional tools, communicating class and school activities.  More and more new ways to use podcasting for education are being discovered. To see a daily blog about podcasting, click here.  To learn even more about podcasting, check out this article. Here is a link to a website that would be a great way to give students an understanding of what life is like in other cities via podcast, this is a compiled source of podcasts created by students for students. Podcasting is a great way to allow students to study life abroad and students from abroad to get a feel for what life is like in the city you live in.



Integrating Podcasting into your Classroom


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Test Question

1) Postcasting allows students to use features such as movie clips to enhance projects. True or False.



1) True


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