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Presentation Software

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Presentation Software




PowerPoint is a hardware application that allows teachers to organize all their information that they are teaching on and have it projected on the screen. The teacher can go from slide to slide, having pictures, templates, and the information in different formats to keep the interest of the students. PowerPoint is an application that students, teachers, and owners of companies can use to organize their material and do presentations.  To learn more about PowerPoint visit this blog.







Smart Board


Smart Board is one of the latest hardwares that teachers have been using in the classroom; the Smart Board acts as a whiteboard with touch computer capabilities. The Smart Board can be used to write, color, or illustrate objectives to help the students understand the information that is being presented to them. The Smart Board allows educators to feature specific lesson enhancers such as games, interactive presentations, videos, music, and other various medias. There continues to be many advancements to the Smart Board hardware as well as its software counterpart, Smart Notebook.  The Smart Board makes it easier for teachers to organize their lesson plans, but it should not be used as a crutch.  Read this article to learn more about Smart Board.  












Test Question


T/F PowerPoint can be used to organize material and then use the application to do a presentation.

Answer: True

T/F Using Smart Boards makes learning for students less interesting.

Answer: False


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