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Quality Assurance

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 Quality Assurance

From Wikitechbook--students-developed, technology textbook


The difference between a nice website and a successful website is the quality of the site. The following topics address common issues in website designing. 



A designer should be aware of the usability of the website. To check a website's usability, use another computer to access the website. Check each link to ensure that the links are hyperlinked correctly. Also check the website by using various browsers.  Along with making sure the website is accessable, the designer needs to double check that all hyperlinks are correct. 


10 Usability Potential Problems


According to Smashing Magazine's Editorial, September 27th 2007, titled 10 Usability Nightmares You Should Be Aware Of, these ten problems can turn your visitor away from your webpage in a heartbeat.  For more detailed information, please visit the link above.


  1. Hidden log-in link
  2. Pop-up for content presentation
  3. Dragging instead of vertical navigation
  4. Invisible links
  5. Visual noise
  6. Dead end
  7. Content blocks layering upon each other
  8. Dynamic navigation
  9. Drop Down Menus
  10. Blinking images



Create a website with a specific purpose in mind and choose the audience you want to target.  While designing the site consider your audience so that you may create the most appealing design for that group.  They are the ones that will be viewing; serve your audience Monitor the website frequently to assure that the website's information is consistent with the purpose of its creation and has reliable and credible information. Below is a video to help with content optimization.


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Be sure to check a website's readability. Some fonts may appear to fit your theme but are not readable on the actual website. Proofreading is also important. The more you edit your site by paying attention to detail and repeatedly reading over your site the more better looking and professional your site will be. Visitors of the website will notice incorrect spelling and poor grammar. Again, consider your audience.  Keep your site easy to follow and understand.



Usability First

Launching Your Own Website



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Quiz-Yourself Question

1. Which of the following is not listed under content on the "Usability First" website?  (a) Mechanics   (b) Spelling  (c) Word Choice   (d) Grammar

2. What is a problem that website designers face when opening up a blog to the public? (a) Hits  (b) Comment Spam  (c) Editing   (d) Uploading videos

3. What is the most important factor to consider when designing a website? (a) Time  (b) Audience  (c) Money  (d) Resources


Answers for Quiz

  1. c

  2. b

  3. b


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