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The Grid

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The Grid






The Grid could soon make the internet something obsolete. The grid is a sort of new internet capable of downloading programs such as entire feature films within seconds. It has speeds of about 10,000 times faster than the internet broadband we have now. CERN, also known as the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the the centre that created the web. They believe the grid will be able to provide the kind of power needed to transmit holographic images, allow massive online gaming with thousands of players, and possibly offer high-defintion video telephony all for the price of a local call. David Britton, was one of the leading figures in the grid project, and he believed that the grid technology would revolutionize society.


The Grid would be especially useful for students and teachers, because as the new generations are coming about, its becoming more and more apparent that the Internet is the "in" thing and books are becoming more and mroe outdated. Students that take mulitmedia classes in High School will most likely be learning about how to adapt to using the grid and all it's wonders. Teachers also will be able to lecture more easily, especially if they have videos on the internet to show; they won't have to sit and wait for it to download, or perhaps not work at all; its pulled up within seconds. Art Teachers will love this new internet because when trying to lecture about all the different artists in the world or for one particular century in general, they are able to pull up pictures within seconds and make a slideshow more quickly on the spot, then spending hours making a powerpoint before hand.


The Grid project was started by CERN about seven years ago when they realized that the LHC would generate annual data equivalent to 56 million CDs- enough to make a stack 40 miles high. This video demonstrates exactly what the Grid is and how it has become evolved.



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Computers on the grid will be able to transmit information at high performance speed. This will allow researchers, scientists, and other high tech people facing heavy processing issues, to call on assistance of thousands of other computers around the world. The aim of the grid is to eliminate the dreaded "frozen screen" altogether. Although the grid itself won't be available to internet users as of now, many owners are already introducing it into their businesses. In addition, the grid is also being made available to astronomers and biologists. It has already been used to help design new drugs against malaria. The grid is something that will definitely change our views of the internet as we know it. I believe that within the next few years our internet will be so powerful and easy that it will be used more than double what the internet is used now. I can only imagine the impact it will make on our future generations.


Quiz Yourself!


1. Who was one of the figures in the creation of the Grid?

     a. David Britton

     b. Bill Clinton

     c. Tony Doyle

2. The grid will make the internet 100,000 times faster?

     True        or       False

3. What does CERN stand for?



1.   David Britton

2.   False; its 10,000 times faster

3.   European Organization for Nuclear Research







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