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What are the effects of multimedia in the classroom

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Effect on Students

Multimedia is regarded by students to be a positive change that they welcome with open arms. It requires students to be more engaged in the learning process so they are more motivated when it is used. The better multimedia mediums are correlated the better the effect on students. For example, if the teacher uses a power point to explain her lesson and has pictures to go along with the words on her power point the student is going to retain more information. Audio and visual multimedia correlate best together and are the two most effective types of multimedia for studen's retention and understanding of material when combined. Students are also effected by multimedia in a positive way because it makes what is being learned seem more applicable to real life. For example, it is one thing to read about the Amazon in a textbook, and quite another to actually visit it and take in the scenery. Students are able to get the "visiting" experience by going on a virtual field trip. On a virtual field trip the will see the Amazon and hear the sounds that go with it. It causes them to process and apply information, rather than just absorb and forget it. Student's academic success is shown to be better when multimedia is used than it is with traditional methods of teaching. When learning is the purpose of teaching, this is the most important effect on students to consider.




Effect on Teachers

Multimedia can have an effect of relief and excitement for teachers, and also an effect of uncertainty and burden. The effect of relief and excitement tends to come from their relief of having to do the same routine over and over. Teachers also get to experiment with their creativity in new ways that are not only exciting and differnent to them, but exciting and different to their students. By using software such as inspiration, character analysis becomes more than just words. It becomes words with pictures that create the story of the character. Multimedia can also cause effect teachers to be more student centered. Multimedia is all about getting students to be actively engaged and involved in the lesson. It is not about what is simplest and most convenient for the teacher. This can at times effect the teacher negatively because they feel burdened by having to learn new software and come up with creative ideas that will truly engage their students. Multimedia is also always changing to teachers must make sure they are current on all the changes that are occurring. But teachers can use multimedia to allow them to become more innovative and organized. Learning must be geared toward the students and multimedia is effective in doing so. Teachers must allow multimedia to effect them in such a way that they are excited and motivated by it. 



Effect on Classroom Environment 

Mulimedia effects the classroom environment in several ways

  • It causes the students to be more active learners
  • Students interact and are involved during the entire lesson
  • There is more discussion and participation by the students
  • Real life application is focused on in each lesson









Quiz Yourself

1. Multimedia in the classroom can be exciting and a burden to teachers

   A) True

   B) False

2. Multimedia causes students to be more passive learners

   A) True

   B) False

3. Multimedia

   A) is exciting to students

   B) allows them to go on virtual field trips

   C) causes students to be more motivated

   D) all of the above


Answers to Quiz Yourself

1. A

2. B

3. D



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