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What is an e-portfolio

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What is an e-Portfolio?


An e-portfolio, quite simply, is a portfolio available on the internet that can be viewed by possible employers.  An e-portfolio may display a variety of artifacts such as one's credentials, lesson plans, interests, and ideas; all of which are made available online for easy access.  These electronic portfolios broaden the boundaries of a traditional portfolio by demonstrating the individual's ability in the world of technology.  It portrays to the reader the individual's willingness to stay up to date on the ever changing world of technology.  While a big binder full of pages may be very daunting for an overwhelmed principal to dig through, an e-portfolio can eliminate this problem thanks to hyperlinks.  A hyperlink is a link to an additional page such as a presentation or a lesson plan, which can help a future employer better understand the individual's knowledge and skills in a particular area.


As technology continues to change, so should we as future educators. E-portfolios are a great way to get started in the right direction.  These e-portfolios provide evidence to prove we are knowledgeable in the world of technology.  Having a well developed e-portfolio not only demonstrates one's ability in technology but professionalism as well and will be very beneficial when pursuing a job!







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Quiz-yourself Questions

  1. What do I put into my e-portfolio? (a) Artifacts, (b) Reproductions, (c) Evidence, (d) Productions, (e) All the above


Answers to Quiz

    1. e


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