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Why is multimedia important

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Cerpen Aneka Remaja

Puisi Aneka Remaja

Why is Multimedia important?

From Wikitechbook--the student-developed, technology textbook



Why it is Important


Technology is very much an important part of students' lives now-a-days. This generation has been born into a world filled with computers, phones, internet, and an increasingly fast production of more advanced technology. It only makes sense that such technology and media would be used in the classroom. With media integrated into the classroom, teaching is transformed to a whole new level. More and more studies show that technology integration in the curriculum improves Cerita Lucu Banget - Cerita Humor  Bagi teman teman yang suka Cerita lucu maupun Cerita humor kalian akan di berikan  Cerita lucuCerita Humor Yang bikin Ngakak, disini saya Bang Pijan menyediakan kumpulan cerita lucuCerita humor pokoknya Cerita Lufacebook:: Kata Kata Gombal :: Kata Mutiara Islam :: Ramalan Zodiak Hari Ini ::ZODIAK HARI INI :: Nikita Mirzani :: Cerpen Cinta :: Cerpen Sedih :: Cerpen Remaja :: Cerpen Romantis :: Cherry Belle :: SNSD :: :: Super Junior :: Naskah Drama :: Cerita Lucu :: Galau :: Puisi Galau :: Puisi Cinta Romantis :: Cerpen Persahabatan :: Cerpen Sahabat Sejati :: Bengkalis :: Cerpen Cinta Pertama :: Cerpen Cinta Sedih :: Cerpencinta.co :: PON Riau 2012 Cerpen Cinta RemajaKata Kata Cinta Terbaru 2012 kali ini apdet lagi sebuah  Kata Bijak Cinta yang di pakai oleh seseorang Raja gombal yang memakai jurus Kata Gombal ini meruapakan kata yang bisa dibilang agak alay , silakan dibaca dech,, ada yang romantis juga kokmoga para gombaler bisa menggombal pasangan anda dengan baik dengan segelumat Kata Kata cinta ini, yuk mari di baca moga berhasil ^_^
Kata Kata Bijak Mario Teguh Tentang Cintakata bijak tentang cinta - Kalo yang satu ini Aneka Remaja Berbicara tentang cinta adalah sebuah rasa sayang kepada seseorang , Kata Bijak Cinta akan membantu anda dalam menikmati akan cinta yang anda raih ,students' learning processes and outcomes. Students are used to a fast paced society so incoorporating multimedia in the classroom helps to keep their attention. It also allows students a chance to utilize 21st Century skills, such as: personal responsibilty; cross cultural understanding; knowing how and when to use technology and choosing the most appropriate tool for the task; etc. Students need to be prepared for their future career and life as technology becomes more advanced. The best way to prepare them is through multimedia and integrating technology into the curriculum.


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What Multimedia Resources Offer


  • Portability - Multimedia can be accessed and allow learning anytime and anywhere 

  • Flexibility - Lessons and concepts can be learned in various ways, and not just through textbooks and lectures 

  • Individualized Learning - Lessons can be applied in multiple ways to apply to the individual learning style of the student 

  • Collaboration and Community Blogs - Learning can be done through other students and other communities around the world 

  • A Broader View of the World - Multimedia has the ability to teach about other cultures and interact in a broader, global community






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