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Distance education  learning, emphasizes

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Distance education, or more than learning, emphasizes the pedagogy, technology, teaching system design of an area of education that intends to submit education "live" by the laws of nature is not a traditional classroom or campus students. Been described to "a process to study the sources of information and for learners to be times when the separation distance and the establishment and provision of access, or both. In other words, distance learning is the establishment of the same learners quality of an educational experience outside the classroom best suited to their needs process. For any reason to require a physical on-site presence of the distance education courses (including the adoption of examination) was considered to be a hybrid or mixed subject. The new Di techniques to progress to the most recent technology trends around globe. Internationally to provide personalized in the students potential more recognized. The most widely cited [citation needed] distance education, educational theory is "alienating the transaction. 

College degree is a partnership of Associate Degree awarded by community colleges, junior college, the completion of the recognition of some four years bachelor degree course of a research colleges and universities, usually lasting two years. In the United States; not general, in Canada, a subsidiary of the degree is equal to a four-year college or university degree first two years. In these countries are providing post-secondary academic degree of a minimum of a class organization.


A Bachelor Degree is usually an academic degree awarded on a course or university students usually last four years, the Major continued, but the world can depend on the area between two to six years. May be a "university graduate" degree of name, for example, a bachelor of civil law, music degree, or philosophy degree.


A Master degree was granted stood among the master model in the region or area of research or professional practice. [1] of a particular area of high personal overview of a study of academic degrees, graduates with the theoretical and application of a specialized body subject to the advanced knowledge; high-order techniques in the analysis report, critical assessment and  professional applications; and solve complex problems, rigorous and independent thinking ability


Philosophy, PhD Degree or DPhil brief doctors on the Latin philosophiae doctor, meaning "in the philosophy of teaching", is an advanced academic degree awarded through the Online University In many English-speaking countries, Ph.D. is the highest one can earn and science and the humanities to a wide range of subjects applicable to students. Equivalent of a doctorate or a requirement on a job as a university professor or researcher in many places. Web 2.0 Design


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